New Info **MUST READ**

My apologies, i was camping for like two weeks and wasnt available to internet to update anything on the site, i am very happy with how much hits we ahve on the site and if you want to be noticed, please remember to add comments so you can get noticed and make me happy….Lolz xD anyway i forgot to tell you that Rachel LifeDust, Head Leader of The Midnight Guardians is now lvl 50 and is heading to Celestia soon! GOOD FOR YOU RACHEL LIFEDUST!! 🙂 anyway if rachel reads this she needs to know she can advertise on The Order OF the Spiral if i can advertise on hers….ok TTYL AND THANKS FOR READING AND BLOGGING!!!

– Alric RavenShield



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7 responses to “New Info **MUST READ**

  1. hey read my latest post, its the alliance clan welcome party you and your clan is invited to!!! and we had a deal on the advertising thing.

  2. alric that commen trying to advertise, the comment i left earlier didnt give u permission, i meant i dont want anyone doing it

  3. oh its ok, and um he you wanted an midnight and spiral alliance clan event together? talk to me on my site under chat page

  4. alric sry but i dont take that deal, it was your idea for a party why should us midnights have to return? remember your the one who needs to return, and also i told you bout me advertising your site on mine, not gonna happen, sry but its not right and my clan is inviting YOUR clan to our big open midnights only party, sry alric but that makes no sense especially when i talked to you and you logged out

    • thanks for that comment i really appreciate you coming to my website just to leave a comment and i understand where you’re coming from and the reason i logged off was because my mom came home and i had to get off wizard101 and i greatly apologise for my behavior b4 so please accept my apologies and i will have a big post regarding the party…

      – sincerely, always, alric ravenshield

  5. yes thank you and so sorry that was me i didnt know i was on my brother’s account

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