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Howdy everyone! wow that was a little country for me lolz xD anyway so far our latest News is that we made an alliance with the Midnight Guardians!!!! Their Leader Rachel LifeDust, is a lvl 48 life! she rocks so please join them too at ❤ ENJOY

Hey TOTS! Um we recently had a break in in our clan, um we had a spy from the DragonSpyre Clan in our clan! he has thousands of w101 accounts so we never know who he is! just remember, trust only the order…no one else! Be safe!

 A warm TOTS welcome to Wolf EmeraldPants and Valdus GhostSpear…..They are our new recruits and i think they might rank up soon… 

 HEY TOTS well we are having a blast with the website and the outcome of our clan… well the midnight guadians are still blooming, we are not ;( we dont have allot of hits on the site and no one can find the site when i tell them on wizard101 so really i dont even know who i am talking to here….i guess i went to far and didnt do something right…well we are not as glamourous as the MG but we still have our confidence and trust in one another…AND TO ALL MIDNIGHT GUARDIANS….REMEMBER YOU ARE ALLOWED IN MORE THAN ONE CLAN AND THAT WE WOULD HAVE FUN ENJOYING YOUR COMPANY, I WOULD ENJOY YOUR COMPANY ;( THANKS FOR YOUR TIME…..I DONT KNOW IF THIS WEBSITE WAS A WASTE OF TIME OR NOT…. – Alric RavenShield

Hey TOTS well i got my mojo back obviously and the site is going GREAT lol well i am excited to say that we might have a party with the MG and even though i forgot who is all in my clan cuz of so many joiners on wiz101 i will invite random people who want to join and so any friends i have will be joiners, like i always say, the more the merrier, so anyway i will update you on whats new on this page so enjoy and keep updated daily on this site,or just subscribe, so you get e-mail notices when something new occurs on our site, ok well ttyl for now!

-Alric Ravenshield


Hey TOTS, just letting you know that we are having a party sometime soon to honor our alliance with the Midnight Guardians, probably  since today is september 1st, next weeek sometime, like next saturday or sunday at rachel lifedusts house….she is one of the many awesome leaders of the midnight guardians….ok so just remember to always check the site for stuff thats new, and have fun! xD LOLZ

– Alric Ravenshield


8 responses to “News, Updates

  1. how do you make wordpress sites?

  2. blaze shadowblade

    hey i am blaze shadow blade from the midnight guardians hmm i heard you had a spy in the ds clan sry to hear that I:

    • Alric Ravenshield, Oh i didnt know that and i am very surprised and happy that you brought this to my attention we do not approve of having traitors in our midst…..and you can be assured that the penalty for betrayel will be enforced (if you want to know what that is look in the rules of the clan page) thanks very much, tell me any more info you have…. Thanks again


  3. blaze shadowblade

    lol its cool dude XD

  4. oh and alric plz change my lvl to 50, lol

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